Acceptable Use Policy – Retailers

This Acceptable Use Policy governs Customer’s use of the Platform. Customer is responsible for all use of the Platform by employees and other persons who access the Platform using credentials issued by ItemMaster to Customer. Customer is responsible for ensuring that its users maintain the security of these credentials and promptly notifying ItemMaster of any suspected unauthorized disclosure or use of the credentials.

      1. General Policy

Customer may not, and may not attempt to:

  • Violate the security or interfere with the operation of the Platform;
  • Use the Platform to violate the law;
  • Use the Platform in a manner that violates the intellectual property rights of ItemMaster or a third party.
        1. Examples

    The following is a non-exhaustive list of actions that violate the Policy:

    • Accessing the Platform for the purpose of competing with, or aiding a third party to compete with, ItemMaster;
    • Accessing data not intended for Customer or logging into an account that Customer is not authorized to access;
    • Probing, scanning, or testing the vulnerability of the Platform or bypassing the Platform’s security or authentication measures;
    • Uploading a computer virus or any executable code to the Platform; or
    • Attempting to do any of the foregoing.
    1. Consequences of Violation

    Depending on the circumstances, ItemMaster may, during any period of time that Customer is violating the Policy:

    • Suspend Customer’s access to the Platform, during which period Customer will not be entitled to a credit or rebate of Fees; or
    • Deem a serious violation of this Policy to be a material breach of this Agreement and exercise any remedies available under this Agreement or under law.
    1. Other
    • ItemMaster may take all reasonably necessary steps to investigate suspected violations of the Policy, including involving and cooperating with law enforcement authorities and court orders. Customer agrees to reasonably cooperate with ItemMaster in connection with any such investigation.
    • If ItemMaster determines that Customer or any of its Users may have been involved in a violation of system security that impacts the security of other websites, ItemMaster may release information that it reasonably believes necessary to assist system administrators of the other websites to resolve security threats or incidents and shall promptly provide Customer with details about the release.