Extra Oomph: 6 Product Data Attributes that Grow your Brand

In Blog, Brand Visibility, eCommerce, Structured Data by Helen Baptist

Brands at their essence are stories that connect with buyers. In high-interest grocery categories, these stories fuel the growth and loyalty of customers. You can’t build a good story without characters, the setting, the plot, conflict and resolution. In the same way, you can’t build a good product story without attributes that go beyond the package. These are the components that provide that extra helping of Oomph, which keeps readers glued to their book way past bedtime and encourages customers to repeatedly buy your products.

Think about describing your product as the “sweetness that comes from being perfectly picked at the peak of harvest” versus simply being “sweet.” The former provides detail that resonates with a consumer to help them feel as if they were on the grower’s mind when they selected the fruit. It feels personal.

Focus on these attributes

All attributes, however, are not perceived as equally important nor do they elicit the same level of personalized engagement from consumers. The Hartmann Group conducted research and found correlations between brand narrative attributes and sales unit volume growth. These six specific attributes, if instituted into brand storytelling, directly correlated with above average unit sales volume (CAGR).  

  • First, consumers want to know about the product. It is important to know whether a product is from a specific growing region, which correlates with 14.1% CAGR and whether the product is from the founder’s recipe, driving an 8% CAGR increase. Both signify authenticity, an umbrella attribute that drives growth and helps consumers feel connected.  
  • Degree of thoughtfulness and care in production is important to consumers and is rewarded with a 22% CAGR for those brands indicating it in their marketing. Animal Welfare is also important to consumers which drives a 41% CAGR in those brands executing and marketing it.  
  • The last two significant attributes emphasize the impact on people. A brand’s contribution to America’s Health is important and drives a 5% CAGR. Good labor conditions drive an 18% CAGR

How Data Creates the Story

It’s all very well to create the brand story that will connect with a customer, but it’s no fairytale ending if your buyer cannot find you based on the way they search and find your products. It’s critical to stay abreast of narrative attribute patterns and make sure each new attribute is managed appropriately so it is consistent across all of your channels.

Consumers want more than a one-time interaction. They want to find the products that match their health and lifestyle needs, such as taking care of people, animals and company culture in the process.

The first step: Make it easy for them to search, find and connect with you. ItemMaster’s enriched attribution enables findability beyond the package marketing facts. ItemMaster’s data model includes more than 450+ core product attributes and our consumer-centric health and wellness attributes, built to add the incremental ending to the story, fall into four main pillars: Health & Lifestyle, Clean Ingredients & Products, Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly. What story is your brand telling?  To find out more visit www.itemmaster.com/wellnessmaster