Not Just Your Image Repository

In Blog by Carly Huizenga

(But we do create some pretty amazing pictures)

It’s easy to think of Content Service Providers as just a repository for images, but not all CSP’s are equal. You wouldn’t stock your Fantasy Football team with inconsistent players that are better off on the bench. Take the same approach to your product content management system, and turn all of your product data and images into a team that wins. Get the product data and images in shape now, so that eCommerce, Marketing, Merchandising, Planograms and more – even beyond your walls to vendor partners – are ready for the Big Game.

Set yourself apart from the crowd of brands in an authentic way both your company and consumers are proud of:

Bring your A-Game when it comes to Product Imaging

  • Make sure every product record has high-resolution images for eCommerce/Marketing, Planogram and others. You may need to go beyond the industry-standard photos for alternative images like plated products, mobile ready hero images and 360-degree images, depending on your product and the market it serves. And make sure you have the proper clipping paths and transparent backgrounds that profile the best shape of your product. Your team uniform needs to be controlled by you.

Create Product Data that builds team spirit with consumers

  • For the core product data, capture EVERYTHING on the package from Product Name, Long Description, Nutrition Facts, Ingredients, certifications and allergy precautions. This should be done in a manner that allows for faceted search online, amongst other uses. ItemMaster’s comprehensive data schema ensures accuracy, which builds consumer trust.
  • Next, consider what incremental, enriched attributes might help consumers customize their shopping experience and find products based on their healthy and lifestyle searches. You need customers to find your products when searching and no one consumer shops exactly like another.

Special Team your Product Information

  • Customize the product information that goes to each retailer, from the item description to eCommerce description and even specialized Sell Copy. With this standard ItemMaster feature, called Content+, you can update search terms and keywords and add additional marketing content such as customer testimonials, glamor photos, videos, alternative uses and recipes.

Gain Yards with Syndication

  • Sharing your product content to various retailers can be a daunting and time-consuming task. By utilizing ItemMaster’s APIs, JSons and/or batch files, you can easily distribute your content directly to retailers through ItemMaster. And we now serve to GDSN.

Your Content, Your Way.

Your Content. Your Way. is one of ItemMaster’s core values. We strive to be as flexible as possible in order to provide the best content so that your end-consumer can have the most personalized shopping experiences. Better content has been proven to directly increase sales; learn some tips to increase your shopper’s basket size.