The Power of Attribution for Millennial Beauty Sales

In Blog, eCommerce, Health & Wellness, In-Store, Structured Data by Judy Seybold MS, RD, LD

The vegan food movement, which has realized 600% growth between 2014-2017[v] has found life in the beauty industry as millennials strive to unify their values across all aspects of life. Brands are being pushed to find efficient, sustainable and harmless substitutes that still provide efficacy. These substitutes equal attributes, these attributes are what constitutes these products being found among a sea of cosmetic and beauty items.


Millennials are changing the face of beauty, yet it’s anything but straightforward.

32% of prestige brand makeup sold in 2017 was classified as vegan or cruelty free according the NPD, resulting in boasting 27% sales increase in 2017 alone on items bearing the claim.

This movement is finding its way to mass market brands, as shoppers seek to avoid ingredients like

  • beeswax
  • lanolin
  • carmine

Other popular product claims include attributes such as “anti-pollutant”, “environmentally friendly”, “naturally sourced” and “clean”. In addition, Gen Y’ers scour panels to ensure certain chemicals are NOT included in the list such as parabens, phthalates, silicones, and synthetic fragrances.

An example of the growing brand consciousness is CoverGirl, which gained “Leaping Bunny” certification from Cruelty Free International making it the first big brand to gain such credentials. [vii]  

Superfoods are Needed Beauty Attributes

Not only are millennials concerned with what’s NOT in their products, they care as much about what IS. Superfoods have made a reappearance in all personal care categories, as millennials seek a holistic lifestyle marrying outer beauty with inner self care.

The biggest ingredient gains include:

  • turmeric
  • matcha
  • kale
  • avocado
  • jackfruit
  • Manuka honey

Fine Print Now A Big Deal For Millennial Beauty

Beyond nourishment, millennials seek expert endorsement, leading to more “certified” or endorsed dermatological products such as Dove’s DermaSeries. Traditionally medicinal ingredients that were once hidden in tiny font, are now showcased in packaging. Both Mintel and leading expert, Rocio Rivera of L’Oreal, tout products with Vitamin C as top movers, while P & G’s Olay head, Stephanie Robertson, identifies Vitamin B3 as a hot trending old-yet-new-again ingredient.[iv]

Millennials harbor a secondary interest in keeping skin healthy; free from pollutants, including UV Rays, High Energy Visible (HEV) light from mobile phones and of course, the environment. To aid in this, this group seeks natural products with minimal artificial ingredients, pushing naturally positioned products to a 40% faster growth rate than conventional skincare products[iii].

Product Information Drives Consumers

This group of consumers yields power at the sales counter and is expanding within the digital age. Shoppers are now shopping everywhere and all the time. Take advantage of these trends with attributes geared towards these competitive markets and do it in a matter of a few days with ItemMaster.

Millennials take pride in being part of a solution and these core attributes are what drives their decisions. Ensure you are part of the decision-making process with  attributes catering to these lifestyles and let ItemMaster do the heavy lifting.




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