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Top eCommerce Mistakes To Avoid with your Product Content

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catalog management softwareIn the digital era of today, e-commerce is becoming more important than ever, making up a huge percentage of the U.S. economy today. In fact, U.S. e-commerce sales reached $396 billion in 2016 and are predicted to reach a massive $684 billion by 2020. However, for many stores looking to start selling products online, there are a few easy mistakes to fall into; avoid these common mistakes to help your online sales thrive.

  • Missing product attributes: When consumers are browsing online, not everything about your products will be immediately visible. Your consumers may have a hard time telling what material an item of clothing is made of, or what ingredients are included in their grocery item. Make sure to include all pertinent information about your various products in product descriptions to avoid confused buyers.
  • A messy digital shelf: You might have just a few products you consistently sell, or an ever-growing list that’s constantly cycling. Either way, you want your shoppers to be able to see all available products and navigate through them with as little confusion or frustration as possible. Make sure your products are visible on mobile devices as well, as these make up for a greater percentage of ecommerce sales every day.
  • Unappealing ecommerce images: If consumers are only seeing your products online before purchasing, you want to make sure the images you’re presenting are appealing ones. Even if you’re selling grocery items that may be perfectly fine regardless of the images used, people respond well to appealing visuals.
  • Incomplete product lists: Customers will only buy what they know is available and easily accessed. Make sure you’re consistently updating your inventory to reflect actual numbers of what’s in stock, otherwise you may miss out on valuable sales. Having digital catalog software can help this process.

If you’re looking to expand your retail operations into the world of ecommerce, you’ll want to invest in strong catalog management software. Item Master offers catalog management software and product content management systems that can help you succeed in the thriving world of ecommerce. Contact Item Master today to learn more about how you can expand into ecommerce successfully and improve your business.