ItemMaster Delivers Value for Money at Intelligent Speed

In Case Study by Item Master

Client: Enterprise CPG Manufacturing | Pain: Value of spend

The Challenge

One of the world’s largest grocery manufacturing and processing conglomerates had relationships with several content service providers (CSPs) that were required by key retailers. The CSPs were not adding any value to the brand, as there were production delays and a lack of attention to package refresh.

This is a common problem in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry. The market is saturated with product content solutions – PIM, DAM, MDM – you name it! However, many CSPs offer empty product information management (PIM) systems or platforms that don’t allow for content creation. Content creation services then become an additional cost, as brands are left to cobble content together in order to have their brand(s) represented to retailers.

When the brand later goes through package refresh, they are not able to keep the content updated fast enough to meet retailers’ needs for product information. Retailers display out-of-date information from the CSP, leading to an inconsistent brand—and a frustrating shopping experience for consumers.

Manufacturers are left with a costly decision if they want their brand to be represented correctly. They either need to utilize outside resources for content production help or pay additional fees to the CSP that they are licensed with. This was the situation that the conglomerate faced when they decided to engage ItemMaster.


Months of Pain, Solved in One Week

ItemMaster helped the Fortune 500 company activate and onboard over 5,000 items in less than six days. Finally, a CSP platform and partner was delivering value.

ItemMaster provided a number of key services for the 5,000+ products:

  • Content production of multiple images per product
    Having a CSP that creates quality, accurate product content is high value. It allows for fast speed to market.
  • Collection of product attributes, including enhanced and derived attributes
    Consumer trust depends on reliable product information. ItemMaster has deep expertise in collecting and categorizing enriched attributes that allow for search, sort and select in the way consumers want to shop.
  • Enhanced, below the fold content, served up to each specific retailer, included in the cost
    This includes shoppable media, relevant search tags & key words, sell-copy, and additional media/images that are unique to each retailer, segment, or persona. This type of content that moves along with a product record is the content that will truly influence buyers. While many platforms offer UI to let users create product experiences through enhanced content, brands often discover that the content hosting and updates are not included in the platform price, meaning additional cost before any product goes live. We know brands spend big bucks with advertising agencies and food stylists. Bring your content and we’ll serve it up the way the retailer wants to receive it.
  • Package refresh update included in the cost
    ItemMaster understands it’s a highly competitive market and manufacturers make frequent packaging adjustments as they reformulate products and marketing strategies to reach discerning consumers. ItemMaster delivers value by supporting rapid product content renewal.

ItemMaster’s comprehensive services build a great foundation of high-quality product content. They also reflect brands’ needs to plan for future packaging changes. Investing in ItemMaster product content services enabled this major conglomerate to be proactive with their spend. Now, they can get their products to retailers accurately and FAST!  And they know discerning consumers have the best chance of finding them.