Winning the Race to Market

In Case Study by Item Master

Client: Enterprise CPG Manufacturing | Pain: Speed-to-Market 

The Challenge

One of the largest American multinational food-manufacturing companies had one week to release new product content to major retailers if they wanted to secure their place in one retailer’s circular. Without a sophisticated product content partner, this aggressive deadline seemed almost impossible.

Traditional content activation and new product onboarding involves manual processes governed by outdated email approval chains. Even teams that have overcome these challenges must then address the complex labyrinth of content distribution networks and interfaces. The network of resellers, marketplaces, and marketing channels that are the wellspring of product sales is continually expanding and ever complicating.

Delivering “each” product content that meets the demands of all these sellers is labor-intensive and demanding work. A recent Forrester report revealed the hectic pace of the content arms race. Brands and retailers sprint to deliver fresh content to dozens of websites and unique locales, while maintaining as many as 400 attributes for a single product in their catalogs.

To launch a new product, a brand can have as little as seven days to acquire and serve up this large quantity of attributes at a high level of quality and consistency. If they fail to deliver this detailed content across all selling channels, they lose the race to activate items for consumers to purchase.

Quick Turnaround and Impeccable Quality

When the company realized they needed faster and more robust content delivery from their content service provider, they turned to ItemMaster. The company wanted a full, omni-channel eCommerce presence to really do justice to the quality and value of their product line. They also needed to be able to activate products quickly and accurately while meeting the competing deadlines and demands of numerous retailers. ItemMaster helped the company win the content race by activating key items in fewer than six days.

ItemMaster’s content services included loading the client’s own data and photographs into our structured database, breaking down major attributes (e.g. 6.1g of sugar) into micro-attributes so it could be searched and sorted based on individual consumer shopping habits. We passed the content back to the brand for verification, and a day later the company was able to release the content to major retailers.

At last the company satisfied retailers’ appetite for data as fast as their products satisfy hungry consumers!