A single platform to manage, verify and enrich your brand content.

Simplify every aspect of product content creation, management and delivery, and gain visibility, control and insight into your consumers.

Use our Brand Activation™ cloud platform as your centralized source for content management and enrichment.

Review product attributes to ensure everything is brand-verified and approved. Easily enhance your portfolio by adding new marketing content such as videos, commercials, ads and user-generated content that travels with your products everywhere. Future-proof your content with the addition of SmartLabel™ and mobile images.

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Get consistent, brand-verified product content for hundreds or thousands of SKUs.

Our brand activation teams will work, on your behalf, to generate high quality content on site at ItemMaster. This includes multiple images of your products at different angles, along with the creation of in-depth product data, with over 450 attributes per product.

Multiple images

In-depth data

450+ attributes

Gain insights with actionable brand data at your fingertips.

Our reporting provides visibility into impression data across all distribution and retailer partners. Use real-time analytics of your product portfolio to drive business decisions quicker.

  • Brand Portfolio

    View your completeness of brand portfolios in our platform and how many of your items have Content+.

  • Platform Activity

    Track who is viewing your content in the Brand Activation™ Platform and which products are being viewed.

  • Impression Reporting

    See how your brand content is being viewed in the various commerce channels.

Go beyond the standard activation and add your own brand content.

Use our Content+ features to enhance the standard ItemMaster core content. Add your own brand images, videos, sell copy, marketing bullets and much more that stay connected with the product, no matter where it goes.

E-commerce descriptions

Better tailor your content for the digital shelf. Add 3-5 sentences of content for display above the fold on e-commerce platform sites.

Meta data

Enter your own search terms or key words that further describe your products to different retailers.*

Images for scale

Create an image of your product with a corresponding scale to better help your shopper instantly recognize the size of the product.

Retailer specific content

Create content specific to a retailer and flag that content in our platform.

*ItemMaster does not control how a retailer or search engine uses this meta data.

Get SmartLabel™ ready with ItemMaster.

Brands are realizing the need for transparency. And as the third largest provider of SmartLabel pages in the world, it's easier than ever to use the ItemMaster platform to be part of the food transparency movement. Complete & Verified product records can easily be converted to a 100% GMA compliant SmartLabel using our Brand Activation Platform.

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Format your images for the mobile shopper.

It goes without saying that mobile adoption has changed the way consumers shop today. Use ItemMaster's mobile images feature to specially format your product's hero image for quick glance on a mobile screen. Our mobile images are specially formatted according to the Cambridge Inclusive Design spec, making it easier than ever to recognize size and variety formats on a mobile device.

Join over 9,000 brands and retailers using ItemMaster.

Our work with ItemMaster to develop standardized images and information across our portfolio has yielded value beyond eCommerce. We’ve been able to use these assets in various digital applications, as well as to support the development of sales training materials. The more we grow this database, the more use cases we discover!

Leslie Danford Senior National Account Manager, eCommerce

The ItemMaster platform is very easy to access and use; the core content is high quality. ItemMaster also provides the opportunity to add branded content like videos and recipes that help to enhance our consumer touchpoints. And, they offer the ability to do an annual enterprise agreement saving us both time and money!

Kim Nofsinger E-commerce Key Account Director

The Customer Service department at ItemMaster have always been very patient and generous with their time. Any time I had issues finding an item or getting an item set up they were quick to get the issues rectified and to my satisfaction. When any of our field reps have issues downloading an item or its attributes they can call Customer Service and people are always quick to offer help and look for resolutions. The site is easy to maneuver and everyone is very happy with the service we have received. The service I get at ItemMaster has exceeded what I can get elsewhere.

Bea Odongo Director of Trade Marketing

ItemMaster does an amazing job taking the burden off of my company by not only being the conduit of information to our customers, but also by pulling our active products from store shelves and creating the imagery themselves! No more shipping of samples via mail or sending large files via email – they take care of it all. And with their Content + program, we can ensure all the strong consumer content that our company has spent so much time and effort creating gets to the digital shelf. I don’t know how we’d manage all of our customer data across our many customers without ItemMaster?!!

Chris Winston Sales Manager, eCommerce

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