The ItemMaster Brands Experience

Now brands can capture, structure, and distribute content from one point of truth

The retail world has changed

CPG companies need to adapt to the disruption of today in order to drive more sales. To impact a consumer’s shopping experience and influence their decision to buy your product, the shopping experience should feel personalized and seamless. ItemMaster’s product content management system helps you capture your target market with engaging, compelling content.


Retail has undergone a seismic shift.

The retail landscape has shifted dramatically. Mastering the digital shelf is no longer a luxury for brands who want to compete successfully in today’s world.


Today, shoppers are everywhere.

Consumers, your brand buyers, and retailer shoppers are EVERYWHERE, but are you where you need to be?


The risks have never been higher.

53% of shoppers are very unlikely to buy from a brand again after an experience with inaccurate product information.

Product content is the core of a great shopper experience

Complete package details, high-quality images, mobile images, scale images, editable and verified data, and consumer reviews are all components of best-in-class, rich content and information.

Platform capabilities delivering end-to-end fuel for brand readiness into a data-driven market


ItemMaster’s product catalog management enables you to control your product content and provide 100% Complete and Verified assets to retailers across the entire grocery marketplace. Web-based, 24×7 accessible, secure platform with no “seat” licensing restrictions. Access controls across user groups to ensure everyone has access to what they need.


Take advantage of ItemMaster’s content creation services to capture your core content. Our flexible solutions help remediate any gaps in your content, including attributes and photography. ItemMaster services take the burden off the product owner and ensures content is available for distribution both from a syndication standpoint and back into their own organization if desired.


Adding enhanced content also known as “below the fold” content to the ItemMaster platform gives product owners the ability to leverage already existing assets. The ItemMaster product content management platform provides the ability to add brand assets like rich media, marketing messages & sell copy embodying lifestyle decisions, via wellnessMaster, consumer generated content and brand lifestyle images.


ItemMaster offers a broad (and constantly growing!) syndication network of traditional retailers, e-tailers and mobile application developers. Open syndication to the retailer ecosystem means there is no additional cost to the manufacturer for distribution; no channel or switch setup. Our syndication network takes the burden off your shoulders to track and enter data per each individual retailer’s specifications as ItemMaster manages that on your behalf. Content is distributed through the platform in up to 3 ways – manual download, scheduled feed or API. Let ItemMaster deliver your content.

Insights & Reporting

ItemMaster’s product software delivers meaningful insights that help drive growth. We help you understand the power of your content, who’s receiving it and more. ItemMaster is your only source for complete and verified dashboards for manufacturers.

Your Content.
Your Way.

ItemMaster organizes your product information to be messaged, consumed, shared, and purchased across all commerce. This means that anywhere your product content is needed, ItemMaster makes sure it is structured in a way that it can be consumed – by retailers, eTailers, shoppers, and the departments within your own organization who need your content.

Flexible content services

ItemMaster’s tiered content creation offerings mean brands and retailers have flexibility, both in terms of content and cost

  • All-Commerce Profile

    Built from a shelf-ready physical product, ItemMaster will generate a Full and Complete Product Record with all ingredient, nutritional and claim information, 13 images (Planogram, printer-ready Marketing, and eComm) as well as ItemMaster Certified Weights and Dimensions, captured by our GS1 certified experts.

  • eCommerce Profile

    ItemMaster will capture structured data and two high resolution images directly from Package Flats, allowing for faster digital shelf activation ensuring your products are visible online

  • BYOC (Bring your own content)

    Bring as much content as you have available, across your portfolio including product and lifestyle images, core product content and marketing copy. Create or update using the GTIN as the common unique identifier.

We help you tell your brand story

Finally, storytelling beyond the data found on-pack.

Enhance your core product records with ItemMaster’s Content+ and engage shoppers with brand assets that travel alongside your core product content. These are distributed together, as one complete record, also known as below the fold.

Here are some of the enhanced content features available through ItemMaster’s Content+:

    Mobile Images

    3D Images

    Recipes & Meal Solutions

    Sell & Marketing Copy

    Lifestyle Images

    User Generated Content

    Video Content

    Marketing Brand Messages

    Did you know?

    ItemMaster conducted a side-by-side comparison between product pages with regular content and product pages whose content has been enhanced through our Content+ platform feature. After an eight-week test period, an average of a 6% increase in sales was measured on the products that had the enhanced content treatment.

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