ItemMaster Content Solutions for Retailers

ItemMaster’s comprehensive content powers all retail function teams while providing best-in-class digital consumer experiences that drives sales

Your shoppers want the best experience, which means you have to tell a personalized story wherever they are in their journey…

Today’s shopping experience is seamless. Consumers use whatever channel they prefer to research, explore, and buy your products. To enable these experiences, your product needs to be found. Ensuring product content is structured, rich, and best represents your brand standards should be your highest priority.

ItemMaster is the first and only company that ensures your products put their best foot forward.

ItemMaster’s product management system provides the right attribute set, on time, to your functional teams by arming them with robust, accurate content—whether you’re brick-and-mortar, brick-and-click, or pure-play eCommerce-only. ItemMaster’s comprehensive retail services delivers full basket content services for a best-in-class customer experience.

Now, you can deliver the right content, when and where consumers need it, to drive revenue.

Some of the brands we work with

ItemMaster is not just another PIM
We provide end-to-end product content solutions powering retail teams with complete brand content that drives consumer connections across all paths to purchase.


Structured content means flexible content distribution

Open platform of Complete & Verified product content – thousands of active items available, both branded and private label, distributed via: API, customer feeds, platform access, or spreadsheet import.

Functional Team Integrations

On-time content delivery to your functional teams

Marketing: Circular calendar
Planning: Reset calendar
Merchandising: New item set-up
eCommerce: Missing images are a thing of the past


Actionable reporting & analytics

Assortment activation reporting by functional team and Category Manager/Buyer reporting


Future-proof your retail solutions

Voice-activated commerce, category expansion, mobile images that increase lift and retailer specific Content+.

The five channels of Retail: How ItemMaster can fuel your retail engine

1. Merchandising:

Engage online and in-store shoppers with high-quality product information by guiding them toward the purchases they’re looking for.

  • Fast, on-time new item set-up
  • Sort and match products to consumer behavior
  • Enable search and sort structure to show customers exactly what they’re looking for

2. Marketing:

Complete marketing ready content to power all marketing functional teams. ItemMaster content is brand verified as accurate!

  • Print & digital circular and coupons
  • Wellness publications, powered by healthCoach On-Demand & loyalty programs
  • No more out-of-date shopper facing images

3. Ecommerce:

Give your retail team access to an unlimited distribution platform, thousands of ecommerce-verified images, and product descriptions designed to drive sales – on time!

  • Prep and edit your content with online catalog management and automatic eCommerce descriptions
  • Improve retail product visibility with search-specific SEO keyword suggestions
  • Provide data-rich content that simplifies the customers decision-making process such as lifestyle dietary conditions using wellnessMaster

4. Planning:

Build effective planograms through our comprehensive library of existing planogram templates that account for key product attributes like weight and dimensions, and captures all 6-sides. 

  • Images + Weights & Dimensions that power brick and mortar planning and eCommerce
  • Structured content powering shelf strips and digital shelf management
  • Calendar reset sync reducing missing content

5. Vendor partners of retailers

Whether it is an advertising agency or a printer, ItemMaster gives access to any retailer-approved partners that need access to your content.

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