Pricing Plans for Every Business

We’ve updated our pricing model to be more flexible! Contact for more information.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Does Content+ cost extra?

Nope! It’s a feature of the platform and enables your brand-enriched content to be married with core product data for broad distribution.

Does having a team shop for items cost more?

Nope! It’s part of our Brand Activation process and with your approval to shop items, we can procure them on your behalf with no additional work required on your part.

Do you charge more as you add distribution partners?

Definitely not! As our network grows, your products receive even wider distribution at no additional cost to you.

We have our own content, can we send it to you?

Yes, if your content matches our platform specifications. We currently have a Beta program that uses an API integration between your PIM system and our platform to flow your content in. We’re happy to share more specifics with you as part of an Enterprise-wide proposal.

How do I know where my content is going?

Our insights reporting provides distribution visibility by item and by content type. Our dashboard reporting provides additional metrics specific to the portfolio or brand on completeness and verification percent.

What are my payment options?

ACH, Credit Card (online or via phone), or check works for us!