Ahold Delhaize Selects ItemMaster to Deliver Best in Class Customer Experience

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Committed to Delivering Best In Class Customer Experiences, Ahold Delhaize Chooses ItemMaster

Letter from Nicholas Bertram, Senior Vice President Merchandising Ahold USA

To: Ahold Delhaize Valued Vendors and Broker Partners

It’s an exciting time at Ahold Delhaize!

We are committed to delivering best in class customer experience for our shoppers. A key requirement for us to achieve this goal, is to create meaningful brand and product content. To ensure both Ahold Delhaize and our vendors have verified product content to drive sales, we have partnered exclusively with ItemMaster to activate the Ahold Delhaize assortment.

We have reviewed your assortment and found that some of your items are not on the ItemMaster platform, thus not being distributed to our Planogram, Marketing and E-Commerce Departments & partners.

Please follow [the ItemMaster Activation Process]. This will ensure your product content is distributed to all of Ahold Delhaize departments and its partners.

About ItemMaster

ItemMaster organizes your product information to be messaged, consumed, shared and purchased across All Commerce. That means that anywhere your product content is needed, ItemMaster makes sure it is structured in a way that it can be consumed – by retailers, e-tailers, shoppers, and the departments within your own organization who need your content– planogram, marketing, merchandising, and e-commerce.

Better Content Drives Better Sales

The partnership with ItemMaster enables you to control your product content and provide 100% Complete & Verified assets to Ahold Delhaize, and the entire grocery marketplace. Once verified, you can enrich your content with feature bullets, additional sell copy, details, lifestyle images, and video.

We look forward to working together with you and ItemMaster to create the best shopping experience for our customers!

Thank You,

Nicholas Bertram

Senior Vice President Merchandising Ahold USA