ItemMaster Announces wellnessMaster™ – A Health & Wellness Solution For Retailers

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CHICAGO – April 3, 2018 – ItemMaster, a cloud-based enhanced product attributes platform, has announced the launch of wellnessMaster™ – a solution that enables retailers to win at health and wellness with consumers, wherever they shop. Grocers subscribing to wellnessMaster can now have confidence connecting wellness-minded shoppers with customized recommendations based on their individual health goals or lifestyles and the specific attributes of the products they buy.

“In this fast-paced digital age, shoppers expect instant access and complete transparency about the products they buy,” said Dev Ganesan, CEO of ItemMaster. “For shoppers that are health conscious, that expectation is amplified. wellnessMaster makes it simple for retailers to serve up that information, in a scientific and regulatory-compliant manner, addressing customer demand for greater transparency.”

wellnessMaster takes product transparency to the next level by leveraging rich data attributes within the ItemMaster platform. It is retail’s most relevant and comprehensive database of nutrition information, product attributes, and wellness content built upon ItemMaster’s structured and supplier or manufacturer-certified dataset for virtually every fresh, packaged foods, private label and prepared food items across the store. Designed to integrate transparently with existing store and eCommerce applications, wellnessMaster also includes innovative tele-nutrition features created by a team of registered dietitians, food scientists, and technology experts. On the back end, a cutting-edge machine learning application ensures all content is compliant with FDA, USDA, and other food safety regulations.

Shoppers can search for product by a variety of classifications, including but not limited to:

  • Food type
  • Lifestyle plans like Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Diabetic-friendly, and more
  • Key nutrients such as Protein, Wholegrain, Omega 3s, or Fiber
  • Ingredients to avoid such as Sodium, Added Sugars, and Saturated Fats
  • Certification attributes like Kosher, Gluten-free, Organic, and others

ItemMaster delivers product insights that can help guide management decisions across the retail environment, including inventory choices, merchandising promotions, targeted couponing, shopping lists, meal kits and more. Grocers can also utilize the wellnessMaster solution for building loyalty and trust among shoppers by helping them address their personal dietary and health concerns.

“wellnessMaster takes health and wellness solutions to the next level by delivering keen product insight and a homogeneous, scientific and regulatory-supported offering across all areas of the store at the most relevant time – while shopping,” said ItemMaster’s Chief Nutrition Officer, Judy Seybold, MS, RD, LD. “Whether someone is cutting back on sugar, avoiding parabens, synthetic colors, sunscreen chemicals or just juggling shopping for different family choices, wellnessMaster has it all.”

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