Drive higher sales through personalized shopping experiences.

Invest in Health and Wellness attributes to help your product assortment get FOUND

Shoppers now have sophisticated expectations, and search for products based on health trends, lifestyles and culture. At the time of decision, they want to connect to the exact transparent information they need, when they need it and across all devices.

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Your customers can easily switch to other outlets or products, but if you personalize their shopping experience with wellnessMaster™ data, then you end up with happier - and more loyal - customers.

wellnessMaster™ mines your information to provide the most compelling, on-trend and in-demand attribution for all lifestyles whether a family seeking allergy-free items, millennials eating keto-friendly foods or boomers with medically required diets, while remaining FDA and USDA compliant.

Increase value by adding health, beauty and wellness attributes

Go Beyond the Product Package

Customers Search With Specific Wants & Needs
Gluten Free
We Enhance Source Data (PIM, DAM, MDM)
Product Info
Digital Assets
Rich Media
Sell Copy
Alternate Photos
Trade Secrets
Intellectual Property
So Brands Can Display the Perfect Product
Assortment Management

Shoppers don’t just search basic feature/name of products – 60% of Americans shop for special dietary attributes.

Address the Challenge

Your customer is shopping for a gluten free, lactose-free, multi-family dinner and knows her host follows a paleo diet and has high blood pressure. Challenged?

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Power Strategies and Initiatives across your Organization

By applying AI, machine learning and professional nutrition practices wellnessMaster™ brings out the attributes your consumers expect to see whenever, wherever, however they shop – tablet, computer, phone or brick and mortar.

This complete and comprehensive data serves as one source of truth for your entire organization:

  • eCommerce: Create search result pages or sub-store experiences based on user preferences
  • Private Label: Develop new products or showcase the nutritional benefits of your products against personalized consumer information
  • Personalization Marketing: Partner with the consumer on their journey with health-focused recommendations or promotions
  • In-Store Marketing: Craft in-store shelf tags, promotions or circulars on health and wellness data
  • Assortment Decision Making: Identify opportunities for new products against health and wellness trends and insights

Building on a history of proven programs and methodology along with expert RD, LD guidance from Chief Nutrition Officer Judy Seybold, wellnessMaster curates enhanced product content information from:

  • Existing ingredients
  • Nutrition Fact Panels
  • Product Packaging
  • Marketing Information
  • Food and Cosmetology Science
  • Human and Pet nutrition
  • FDA/USDA regulations, and
  • many more.

wellnessMaster™ is built upon FOUR PILLARS


: Lactose, Gluten, Wheat, Nuts, Soy
Lifestyle: Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Kosher
Diets: Less Sugar/Sodium, More Whole Grain, Omegas, Fiber, Probiotics


Minimally Processed / Clean Ingredient Analysis
: USDA Organic, No Artificial Ingredients, Non-GMO


Sustainable Choices
: Animal Welfare Approved, Salmon-Safe, Fair for Life, Certified Fair Trade


EPA Safer Choice, USDA, BioPreferred

Keep Product Information Compliant

Whether you're managing a rebrand, launching a new product or simply want the best product information for your customers, ItemMaster's platform helps your product images and data stay up-to-date, consistent and accurate.

Contact us to learn how harmonizing your product images and data makes it easier to stay compliant.